Cross-Country 4 Pack for trucks. Contains FOUR 16 ounce pour bottles. Each bottle saves 32 gallons of diesel fuel on average.

Fuel Magic Cross-Country 4 Pack 16 oz. for truckers and boaters

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Each Cross-Country 4 Pack contains FOUR 16oz. bottles of super concentrated Fuel Magic.  Average FUEL SAVINGS with the Cross-Country 4 Pack is 128 GALLONS of diesel fuel.  (8% avg) Fuel Magic is equally effective with gasoline.

EACH BOTTLE WILL TREAT 400 gallons of diesel fuel or 640 gallons of gasoline. 

A Cross-Country 4 Pack is enough to take your rig across the country and back.  Fuel Magic removes combustion chamber deposits and adds a thin protective film so your engine will be running better when you return than it did when you left.  Your DAVCO fuel separator will also last considerably longer. 

Fuel Magic is very effective for high fuel consumption motorboats, both diesel or gasoline powered.  You'll save fuel, have less tank corrosion and be breathing less exhaust pollution on the water.