Four Gallon case of Fuel Magic TREATS 12,000 Gal. Diesel or 20,000 Gal. Gas. Bulk treat your fuel trucks or storage depots.

Case of FOUR Gallons for bulk treatment 1:3000 for diesel or 1:5000 for gasoline.

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Bulk treat your storage tanker and take care of all of your vehicles at once.  Fuel Magic is self-blending and needs no stirring.

Each gallon jug will treat 3000 U.S. gallons of diesel fuel or 5000 U.S. gallons of gasoline.  Fuel Magic has a proven average fuel savings of 8% with U.S. fuels.  Each gallon saves on average 240 gallons of diesel fuel or 400 gallons of gasoline.

Fuel Magic's combustion chamber deposit removal reverses the aging of the combustion chamber with each firing of the engine and reduces your carbon footprint with a 20% reduction of exhaust emissions. 

Additional benefits include more power and enhanced fuel stabilization with a reduction of fuel tank corrosion.